G שירים אמן

:אמנים דומים
שירים להורדה  ישירה

It's a band which is known in Lithuanian hip-hop scene for 7 years alredy. In the beginin there were 2 mc's (Svaras & Giga) doin' some hip-hop tacks which music was produced by very known Lithuanian electronic music band EXEM. There were some performances already and appearances on the radio, plus the band recordered a collabo track with punk-rock band "Turboreanimacija". The track reached No.1 position in one big (at that time) independent radiostation countdown.

אמנים דומים Von Sell, Cookies, Jerome Lol, My Double, My Brother, Mampi Swift & Fresh

  - Goldie 3:15
  - Gold 3:46
  - Gassed Up 3:14
  - Girlfriend 3:19
  - Genie 3:31