Reasons Behind הורדת שירים ישירה

:אמנים דומים
שירים להורדה  ישירה

Reasons Behind is a symphonic metal band formed in Bologna, BO, Italy in 2012. The Reasons Behind project was born in 2010 from the ashes of a gothic metal band (After Forever, Within Temptation, etc.). In April 2012 their EP "Ouverture" was released. It received many good reviews from italian and foreign press (Ravenheart music, Femme Metal Webzine, metalhead italian webzine, Heaven is not too far portuguese webzine and many more) and becoming Maniac Demo of the month on Italian Metal Maniac magazine.

אמנים דומים Sleeping Romance, Moonlight Haze, Wishmasters, Nocturna, End of the Dream