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1. Avant, progged out, psych, helicopter grind -- Tusk's aural barrage has been categorized with some random appellations. Truth of the matter is, the more out-there the genre description, the more obvious this fact: It's fucking out there. Amidst surgically precise blasts, frenzied vocals and fret board savagery to make devout fans of all matters of harshness raise a horned-hand salute, youll find a willingness to experiment: sitar, slide guitar, mandolin, swirling keyboard passages.

אמנים דומים Windmills by the Ocean, Overmars, Transmission0, Manatees, Tides

  TUSK - Fear 2:42
  - TUSK 2:50
  - Arrow 3:30
  TUSK - Fck It 2:46
  TUSK - Smoke 3:32
  TUSK - Mighty 3:51